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securing the testing distribution

Proposal details:


Ever since the testing distribution was introduced, its lack of security support has been a major roadblock to using it. Recently the testing security team has formed to attempt to provide security support for testing.

This talk will present the work the team has done so far an analysis of how testing's security compares with stable's, and plans to further improve testing's security.

A section of the talk will explain things that Debian developers can do to help the team work more efficiently. Since the testing security team is an open team and we would like your help, the talk will wrap up with information about how to contribute as a member of the testing security team.


Presentation type:

Talk (45 min)









  • Joey Hess


  • testing-security.paper (22.587890625 K)
    Paper, in markdown format. Submitting early as I may be offline during deadline. Have already forwarded to review group for editing. so this may not be the last version.

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