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Contact us

To contact the organizer team, send an e-mail to the appropriate contact person among the following:

Chief Organizer
Andreas Schuldei (stockholm)

Legal Issues (contracts, invitations)
Aschwin Van Der Woude (avdwoude)

Press Relations and Debian Day
- Martin-Éric Racine (Q-FUNK)
- Fabian Fagerholm (fabbe)

Food Issues
Riku Voipio (nchip)

Housing Issues
Jesus Climent (Mooch)

Network Administration Team
Jaakko Niemi (liiwi)

Video Team
Holger Levesen (h01ger)

Website Team
Marcela Tiznado (ASCIIGirl)

Registration and Conference Management System (Comas)
Gunnar Wolf (gwolf)
Don De Carlo (dondecarlo)

For any other general organization issue:
- #debconf on