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If you have been granted sponsoring for Debconf5, you'll need to fill in a Reimbursement form for the money you spent, so that the money can be sent back to you.

Reimbursements will be paid differently to those living in the USA and those living in the rest of the world. Reimbursements will be paid after Debconf. You should bring the form filled with your information and hand it in to the correct person.

When filling your bank account information, please try to be as explicit as possible, include your full name and your bank account number; if your bank-account is in an EU country it will help to have the IBAN number and other cases also the SWIFT code of your bank.

If for some special reason you need to receive the money *before* Debconf5 takes place, you should mail Aschwin van der Woude about this. Attaching the form, filled with your information.

Download form from here.

debconf-reimbursement.sxc8.6 KB
spi-debconf-reimbursement.sxc8.48 KB