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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I will not be able to attend Debconf. Is there any way to unregister?

    Two options:

    • before reconfirmation:
      • send a gpg-signed mail and ask to be removed,
      • or wait untill reconfirmation. Don't reconfirm and you will drop out.
    • after reconfirmation:
      • log into your comas account and select "NO" at the Confirm: field.

  2. How much does it cost to attend Debconf?

    Participation to Debconf is free of charge for registered attendees.

  3. What is included in the accomodations? What is NOT included?

    Everyone gets a place to sleep (bed, mattress or floor space - depending on individual arrangements). Sleeping space arrangements should be made with Marga

    What is not included?

    • The matresses and bed will be bare: i.e. no sheets. You have to bring your own sheets, or a sleeping bag.Sizes are expected to be 80x200 (cm) or 90x200 (cm). This would be 31.5x79 inches or 35.5x79 inches.
    • No towels, or soap, or any other stuff in the toilets.
    • No cloth hangers in the closet.
    • No saucepans or silverware or cups, although the kitchen is ready to use. So, if you want to cook something in your room, you need to take the cutlery with you.
    • No curtains. If you want to darken your room, you'd need curtains or plastic bags or something.
    • There are machines to wash clothes, but there's no washing powder, or soap, you need to bring that yourself, if you plan to wash the clothes.

  4. Why is there no talk schedule yet? How is the schedule created?

    The attendees get to vote on the talks and bofs they want to attend. Then the conference management system will produce a schedule with as many people as possible attending the talks they were interested in.

    Generally we will have two talks per day, from sunday to sunday: One in the morning (10:00 to 11:00 or 11:45, if it is a workshop) and one in the afternoon (14:00 to 15:00 or 15:45, respectively). The bofs can take place inbetween.

    On Wednesday there won't be talks or bofs since then we intent to make a daytrip to Sveaborgen.

    July 2-9DebcampClosed development sessions.
    July 9Debian DayPublic lectures of general interest.
    July 10-17DebconfConferences and workshops. Schedule is here
    July 13Day TripDebconf attendees visit Suomenlinna.
    July 13SaunaDebconf attendees relax in the sauna.
    July 18CheckoutEmpty all bedrooms before 10:00am.

  5. Is there a cheap prepaid GSM/GPRS service that I can use while in Finland?

    We refuse to recommend any operator in particular! :-) This being said, here is a summary of the available options.

    Name Opening fee Preloaded money Calls in Finland SMS GPRS
    dna Prepaid 17 € 10 € 0,16 €/min 0,06 €/SMS 1,50 €/MB
    GO Mobile 9,90 € 5 € 0,12 €/min 0,08 €/SMS 1,70 €/MB
    Kolumbus Prepaid 14,90 € 10 € 0,10 €/min
    (0,01 €/min between Kolumbus Prepaid users)
    0,10 €/SMS 1,50 €/MB
    Sonera Easy 17,90 € 11 € 0,16 €/min 0,11 €/SMS 5,99 €/MB

    Note that international calls have separate pricing. There are several operators that you can choose between by using a special prefix when calling. Fees depend on which country you are calling. If using the + or 00 prefix, your call will be handled by the default international operator for your prepaid package.

    The ubiquitous R Kioski cornerstores sell all the above prepaid packages.

    Some operators require you to activate GPRS service by sending an SMS to their service number or calling their customer service.