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English-Finnish vocabulary

In Finland, you can get by in English pretty well, especially with young adults. With older people, German tends to work better.

However, there are some Finns with whom communicating in English can be tedious at best. Thus, it's a good idea to be prepared by knowing a few common phrases. In case you want to learn a bit more about the Finnish language you can check out this online course, which also includes some useful audio clips so you can hear how Finnish is pronounced.

For other phonetical languages, as Spanish, Finnish is easy to pronounce: just read aloud. The only difficulty comes with ä (pronounced as "cat"), ö (pronounced as an open "o") and y (pronounced as a french "u"). Double characters (such as "kk", "tt" and "ll") are doubled while speaking.

english finnish
Yes Kyllä
No Ei
Thank you Kiitos
You are welcome Ole hyvä
I'm sorry Anteeksi
Excuse me Anteeksi
Good morning Huomenta
Good afternoon Päivää
Good evening Iltaa
Hi Hei
Bye Heihei
See you later Nähdään
I don't speak finnish. En puhu suomea.
Taxi situations
Take me to HUT, please. Otakaari 2(the address) Otaniemeen, kiitos. Otakaari 2
What is the fare? Mitä se maksaa?
Emergency/medical situations
Please, I don't feel well.. could you call a doctor? Apua, en voi hyvin... voisitko soittaa lääkärin?
Could you tell me the way to a pharmacy? Missä on apteekki?
Where is the toilette? Missä on vessa