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DebConf5 Press Release

The Debian Project

6th Annual Debian Developers Conference

The 6th annual Debian Developers Conference (DebConf) will be held in Helsinki, Finland from July 9th to July 17th 2005. Its target audience is Debian developers, though Debian users are welcome to attend as well. The event is based around talks, workshops, demos, coding parties and discussions. It is highly technical in nature.

The conference will be kicked off on July 9th with Debian Day, which is aimed at the general public and the press. This is an excellent opportunity for corporations and governments to discover the benefits of the world's most mature GNU/Linux distribution. Computer users can experience the Debian community and learn from the software designers themselves.

DebConf gathers Free Software developers from countries around the world for a week-long series of intensive development, seminars and workshops. DebConf is organized in collaboration with one of Finland's leading Free Software think tanks, Linux-Aktivaattori, along with financial support from Credativ, Damicon, Hostway, HP, IBM, Intel, Linspire, Linux Information Systems AG, Linux Magazine, Movial, MySQL, NetApp, Nokia, O'Reilly, Progeny, SLX-Debian-Labs, Ubuntu, Univention, VA Linux Systems Japan and Xandros.

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About Debian

Debian GNU/Linux is a free operating system, developed by nearly one thousand world-wide volunteers collaborating via the Internet. Debian's dedication to Free Software, its non-profit nature, and its open development model makes it unique among GNU/Linux distributions.

About Linux-Aktivaattori

Linux-Aktivaattori is a non-profit organization promoting the use of Linux in corporate, governmental and individual environments. Linux-Aktivaattori acts as a community-driven organization that stimulates the adoption and development of Free and Open Source software, and is an umbrella organization for such efforts in Finland.

For more information, please contact

  • Martin-Éric Racine +358 40 726 2737
  • Fabian Fagerholm