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Facilities in Otaniemi

* The dormitory building is in student village ("Teekkarikylä"). Its address is Otaranta 8, and the address of Department of Computer Science and Engineering is Konemiehentie 2

* All talks are arranged at the Computer Science Building ("T-building")
* All Food is provided at TF dining Hall. Menu
* Servin Mökki, or shorthand Smökki is our "hacklab"
* Yellow rectangle is Otaniemi "shopping mall", having two shops, post office, pharmacy, kiosk (which has prepaid cards too) and a night grill. Open from 7-21 weekdays, 7-18 saturdays and 12-21 on sundays.
* "Kappeli" on the map is the nearest church
* Bigger shops can be found at
, use the buses 10 or 15 to get there (2€ for less than 90min trip)
* Unfortunately Restaurant (=pizzeria/bar) Cantina seems to be closed

* Public transport:
* Bus lines that stop on the bus stop are normally listed on signs with white background. They list the number of bus line and the name of the final stop in that direction (in finnish and swedish). The final stop in Helsinki downtown is called Kamppi (in swedish Kampen). The sign with yellow background tells name of that bus stop.

* On final stop of bus lines 102 and 102T there is a turning place.
So buses normally leave passengers on the other side of that turning place, and take new ones on the other side. So the buses 102 and 102T leave back to Helsinki on Smökki's side of the road. Timetables for all buses on that bus stop.

* Bus 102 timetables

* Around midnight the only useable bus lines between Otaniemi and Helsinki are 194N and 195N. Note that they go through student village. So they come from opposite direction than buses on line 102. Timetables for bus lines 194N and 195N to Helsinki.

* With any public transport question try Journey planner.