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How to get to HUT from..

How to get HUT from..


From the Aiport the best way to get to Otaniemi (the area where HUT is located) is by a combination of 2 buses: 615 from the Airport to the Railway Station Square (Rautatientori) and from there by 102(T)/103.

Follow the pictured instructions!

Helsinki's downtown and Railway Station

From the Railway Station to the place where 102/103 leave there is a small walk. The place is called Kamppi Bus Station

Follow the pictured instructions!

For getting to Otaniemi you need a regional transportation ticket. If you are coming from the Airport, the same one is valid to get to Otaniemi. It costs around 3€.

You need to take 102 or 102T (there are also other buses, like 103, but not as straight as these ones).

With 102/102T you just need to get to the end of the line. It stops right in the center of the campus, and the accomodation building is really close from there. Continue to the direction of the bus and follow the DebConf5 arrow signs.

103 passes right in front of the campus, and you need to walk from there to the building.

From the 102/102T last bus stop to the dormitory

Follow the pictured instructions!